The Quick World

Bridget Williams Books

'I came to Kingsford-Smith Airport in Sydney on the day the first commercial flight in history left for the South Pole... I was fifty-two and had never left New Zealand before'.

So Lauris Edmond sets off on her third volume of autobiography, a journey into the wider world of writing, of travel, of friends, of literary debate. Embarking on a new kind of life - of writing and independence - is no easy task. The candour that marked Hot October and Bonfires in the Rain tells us now about the pains and joys of loving, about friendship its possibilities, about the exploration of different ways to live.

The concluding volume of this writer's life is frequently poignant, always entertaining and perceptive. In reflecting on her own life, Lauris Edmond again illuminates the story of her generation, giving readers fresh insight into the forces that shaped their lives too.