Government for the Public Good

Bridget Williams Books

Fast-paced, globally informed and wittily written
Professor Danny Dorling, Oxford University

One of the epochal shifts of the last 40 years has been to entrust markets with many of the tasks previously carried out by government. The success of this shift is so often assumed that people have rarely stopped to ask the most fundamental question: has it actually worked?

In this wide-ranging book, Max Rashbrooke goes beyond anecdote and partisanship, delving deep into the latest research about the sweeping changes made to the public services that shape our lives together. What he unearths is startling and challenges prevailing thinking on the effectiveness of market-based reforms and the role of government in the twenty-first-century.

Refreshing and well-informed, this stimulating book offers New Zealanders a new way of thinking about government and how it can navigate the turbulent world ahead.