At the Crossroads

Bridget Williams Books

This provocative trio of original essays by a well-known New Zealand social activist focuses on the future of this country as it faces crucial choices.

1. The wobbly bicycle – Globalisation on the precipice: Global capitalism is in crisis. Its supporters say they must pedal the free-trade bicycle faster to keep it upright. Its critics are demanding alternatives based on social justice and democracy.

2. The third way – A road to nowhere: The election of a centre-left government in late 1999 was full of promise. But Labour has chosen a path of political management not transformation: that is unsustainable for New Zealand in the longer term.

3. A requiem for TINA – Taking the high road: This essay rejects market-led approaches to nation-building, and argues for strategies that put people at the centre. An exciting set of propositions outlines some pathways to just such a vision.